Friarelli Broccoli in oil – Marrazzo


Friarelli Broccoli Marrazzo 100% Italian 

1 Kg.

The “Friarielli” represent a product of excellence of Neapolitan cuisine.
These inflorescences of turnip tops take on different names: in Naples and Campania «friarielli», in Rome «broccoli», in Tuscany «rapini» and in Puglia «cime di rape».
The “friarielli“, born as “poor food”, have been widely rediscovered in the culinary field: we are used to accompanying them with pork sausage, but today the “friarielli”, to keep up with the times, also marry perfectly with Pizza, where their intense flavor is certainly dominant.
Enjoy our “Friarelli“, prepared and preserved in oil with care and wisdom, to let you savor the unmistakable taste of this vegetable, to which we have added a pinch of chilli.

To better appreciate this product, we advise you to heat them for up to two minutes and… enjoy your meal!

Minimum quantity is 1 or multiples

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