I Pastini Spumante Brut Valle d’Itria


I Pàstini – Spumante Brut – Charmat method
Verdeca Valle D’Itria PGI

DENOMINATION: Verdeca Spumante Brut Valle d’Itria PGI
VINES: 100% Verdeca
SIZE: 0,75L
TYPE: White Charmat sparkling wine

It is a natural sparkling wine obtained with the Charmat method or Martinotti method or with the refermentation in autoclave at controlled pressure and temperature in succession to the fermentation of the base wine.
This method allows you to naturally trap the CO2 bubbles that develop from the transformation of sugars into alcohol by yeasts.

For the production of the sparkling wine “I Pàstini” we use Verdeca grapes characterized by acidity, freshness and flavor.
“I Pàstini” brut is a fresh and immediate sparkling wine characterized by the olfactory profile of Verdeca.

With a fine, elegant and intense perlage, with floral aromas and notes of green apple and citrus fruits typical of the more traditional Verdeca.

Fresh, lively and very versatile: it goes well with any meal in the case of fish-based dishes, as an aperitif and in combination with desserts, especially leavened ones and creams (the bubbles help to “degrease” the buttery of the dessert).

Minimum quantity is 6 or multiples

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