Numen – Chardonnay IGP Salento – Paolo Leo

Numen – Chardonnay Salento IGP – white wine – Paolo Leo

Chardonnay is the most famous white grape variety in the world, able to express differently the territories where it is grown. In Salento, Numen’s Chardonnay offers exemplary maturation and a white wine with an imposing structure. The fermentation and maturation of part of the wine in French oak barriques gives it a remarkably complex character with a fascinating persistence. The indisputable strength of this white wine is evident in its longevity which, over time, is able to develop powerful evolutions even years after its harvest.

TASTING NOTES: Straw yellow in color with elegant golden reflections. On the nose it offers precious perceptions of ripe fruit such as peaches and pineapples. Aging in wood enhances precious sweet spices that recall hints of vanilla, sage, white chocolate and almonds. On the palate it offers a masterful structure with a well-balanced freshness in an elegantly round body. With a long and persistent finish it offers great ideas for multi-year refinements.

GASTRONOMIC PAIRINGS: The elegance and grandeur of Numen’s Chardonnay become a seductive expression of white wine that can accompany dishes of considerable structure. Great white meats such as chicken cacciatore, crispy quail and rooster legs are a prerogative of tantalizing spicy tables. The presence of seasonal mushrooms with truffle touches enhance the aromaticity of a product with a remarkable aromatic persistence.

Recommended serving temperature: 10-12°C.

Grape variety: Chardonnay

Denomination: Chardonnay Salento IGP

Alcohol: 14,00%

Minimum quantity is 6 or multiples

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