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What is the best hotel in Corfu?
How to get around Corfu if you arrive by plane?
What are the best beaches in Corfu and how to get there?
Accommodation in Corfu: which are the best Studios?
What are the apartments for young people?
The most exclusive Villa?
What are the most suggestive excursions in Corfu?
What are the most interesting excursions on local food?

  • Corfu Holiday Offers | Orthodox Easter | 2024 season
    Easter in Greece is a truly unique moment, living it in Corfu is a unique experience, the island becomes a destination for tens of thousands of Orthodox pilgrims who also come from neighboring nations who have always considered it the center of Orthodox Easter. Are you wondering when Easter is in Greece?the answer is that it generally does not match the Catholic one which this year (2024) will be… Read more: Corfu Holiday Offers | Orthodox Easter | 2024 season
  • What is the best hotel in Corfu ?
    What is the best hotel in Corfu? Choosing the right holiday accommodation is no small matter and you won’t know if it’s really the right one until you get there and experience it. Yet some clues can save us from the wrong holiday.Many ask us which is the best hotel in Corfu, it depends!Corfu offers many solutions, with an offer of services at a tourist and easy level! up… Read more: What is the best hotel in Corfu ?
  • 2024 welcome to Corfu Greece
    Welcome to Greece! 2024: the holidays begin in Corfu with the Orthodox Easter, this year will be Sunday 5 May. Even if the major low cost airlines will start direct flights as early as mid-March 2024 and will connect Corfu and the major European cities, until mid-November taking advantage of the many flights connecting Corfu directly to Europe. Dear traveler, welcome to Greece and wish you a wonderful and… Read more: 2024 welcome to Corfu Greece
  • How to get around Corfu if you arrive by plane?
    You can use public services, Greenbus buses, to move around the island. An efficient service that covers the whole island from north to south. The only drawback can be the overcrowding of vehicles, you have to respect the timetables. To move around the city of Kerkyra: Corfu City Bus Or forget the hustle and bustle of public transport! Having the right means of transport available at the right time,… Read more: How to get around Corfu if you arrive by plane?
  • Corfu’s Accomodation: Studios Apart Villas Hotel
    Our main goal is to offer an absolute quality of tourist service, a holiday to be spent in absolute safety and, above all, to create unique experiences and memories of the island of Corfu!For this reason, we are constantly looking for new ideas and innovative packages that satisfy special wishes!Your Greek experience will be more exciting, our staff have selected the most suitable accommodation facilities, with a diversified offer… Read more: Corfu’s Accomodation: Studios Apart Villas Hotel
  • Corfu best beaches
    Small bays with crystal clear waters and surrounded by lush greenery, rounded pebble beaches, or beaches with small shells or fine sand.The island of Corfu in Greece attracts many visitors every summer for its wonderful sea with many hidden corners.Paleokastritsa is one of the most popular beach resorts, while other beautiful beaches in Corfu include Issos, Halikounas, Agios Gordis, Pelekas and Glyfada. Many beaches in Corfu are organized and… Read more: Corfu best beaches
  • Corfu: tours & excursions
    Discover the beautiful island of Corfu during your vacation, not just beaches and good food, take advantage of the many tours or excursions to discover hidden corners, places of interest, wonderful views.There are several proposals to get to know the green island with guided excursions, it is also possible to organize a private and exclusive tour, contact the staff communicate your needs and we will meet your wishes. Here… Read more: Corfu: tours & excursions
  • Hello here Corfu!
    In this section we will keep you updated with news from the island of Corfu and Greece, suggestions on how to get to the island, how to get around by public transport, how to rent a car, motorbike or bicycle.Getting to Corfu PORT: the island can be reached by ship, in the summer several direct connections Brindisi-Corfu Bari-Corfu Ancona-Corfu Venice-CorfuThe island is connected daily, all the year, with the… Read more: Hello here Corfu!