Nature Walking: Issos beach, Halikounas, Korission lagoon

Come and breathe the Mediterranean nature




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Fans of nature walks will appreciate this area of Corfu island. Immersed in a nature reserve made up of different ecosystems that interact with each other. Various microclimates that alternate thanks to a brackish water lagoon which is surrounded to the west by sand dunes that protect it from the sea. To the north and east the hills covered with olive trees.

It is a nature reserve, Natura 2000 project, includes the nearby coastal areas. An unusual forest of Juniperus phoenicea thorny juniper, known as cedar, as well as numerous sand dunes that reach heights of more than 15 metres. In the dunes there are also small reed thickets and groves of tamarisk, white water lilies (Nymphaea alba) and 14 different species of orchids.

Over 126 bird species have been recorded in the lagoon, including great cormorants, Eurasian wigeons, great egrets and great flamingos, among others. There are also many species of butterflies. Korrission Lagoon, covering 427 hectares, is a haven for wildlife. Egrets, turtles and kingfishers, storks, herons that alternate at various times of the year. During migratory periods the spectacle is very suggestive.

Choose your excursion on foot, by bike, even by electric bike.

The route varies depending on the time of year, each season gives us hidden corners and unique moments to appreciate. The sounds, the smells, the colors alternate dancing with the sun which leads them to harmony.

During the excursion a stop in one of the selected cafes, or stop for a typical lunch based on fish or meat accompanied by local wine

You can also request a transfer from your hotel

Duration: 4-6 hrs

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