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On this tour you will have the chance to see some of the best places in Corfu while exploring with a local. You will be able to visit the city’s famous monuments and hidden places and your photographer-guide will help you take photographs in each place that you can bring back as souvenirs. You’ll also discover the city’s secrets as you explore, and your guide can also offer advice for your stay.

A city like Corfu, with such a rich history and culture, and so vibrantly alive, offers so many “perfect” locations ideal for photography. It’s no wonder that Corfu has been a favorite destination for weddings for years now. Plus, no wonder it has so many talented local photographers!

Walking around Corfu Town often feels like walking on a movie set. Walking through the colorful and picturesque alleys, it is not difficult to imagine famous actors and actresses looking out of the windows, acting out scenes from famous films! In a city where planning seems to have been the last thing they worried about, the narrow streets open onto oddly shaped squares, in a very Mediterranean style. Small mansions with secret gardens framed by bougainvillea give way to tall buildings, all painted with colors chosen from the Corfu “palette”.

Everywhere the famous “Greek Light”, adored by painters and photographers from all over the world, everywhere there are corners and “mini stages” to create your photographic stories.

With the friendly expert Corfu photographer by your side, to guide and photograph you, this is the opportunity to create a lasting memory to cherish in your mind the Corfu experience


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10:00-12:00 | 18:00-20:00


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10:00-12:00 | 18:00-20:00


10:00-12:00 | 18:00-20:00

Duration: 2 hrs (10:00-12:00) or (18:00-20:00) Running: every day

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