Corfu excursion: wine tasting tour

Dionysus, the god of wine and mysteries


Ropa Valley Giannades


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On this Theotoky Estate wine tour, you will have the opportunity to taste organic wine and local olive oil at a winery in Corfu. During the tour, you will spend time at the boutique vineyard to learn about the wine growing and production process.
Along the way you will pass through the Greek countryside to reach the Theotoky estate in the Ropa Valley. Then, you will have the chance to see its winery, pine trees and olive groves before tasting the wines and oils it produces.
The grapes of this mountain region produce a wine that bubbles lightly; an undertone of sulfur and rock. Ask for red wine in Lakones and they will bring you a glass of volcano blood.
Greek wines are considered by many to be rustic and whimsical at first, but once you get used to their unique earthiness you’ll find yourself wanting more. Our selection will include modern wines along with styles and grapes originating in Greek antiquity.
But wine in Greece does not go alone. During our tour you will have the wonderful opportunity to taste and discover high quality Greek wine, paired with a suitable delicacy of local cuisine.
The number of guests in each group is deliberately kept low because Greek wine is above all about sharing, conviviality and human relationships.
So, let’s move on to drinking, eating, listening and enjoying… For a memorable tour of a unique wine tasting experience combined with the pleasure of tasting Greek cuisine, you can trust us to provide you with a night to remember.


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