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The fascinating history of green Island




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Corfu town certainly was made for walking…the city unfolds like a poem, one that you read block by block as you stroll narrow picturesque paths, colorful and charming alleys…

We take you on a trip through the fascinating history of this Island and observe the historic, cultural, and architectural footprints of the Venetians, French, and British who shaped the unique character of this medieval town. You will feel the rich heritage of the city while discovering its layers of past step by step, in its unique architecture, a dazzling mix of multicultural influences. Our enthusiastic guide will take you down the most significant sights of the city like the grandiose Old Fortress, introducing you to the local history and traditions in a vibrant and descriptive way which gives you a glimpse of the island’s glorious past and vivid present…

Trust our agency if you have the desire to go deeper not only through the amazing historical facts of the city but to also discover the impacts those had on the people’s unique customs and peculiar traditions that puzzle most visitors… A melting pot of cultures, Corfu has charming secrets to reveal and our passion for our city will let you capture its spirit… We will be wondering about myriad alleyways and discover unexpected squares with old walls and fountains while heading for famous and impressive monuments, getting to know their importance and significance in the course of time.

Let yourself be drifted away in the island’s pulse while enjoying an exciting experience of the town’s history revealing in front of your eyes through its famous sights and hidden corners. We offer you a veritable journey through centuries of art, architecture and culture while making you feel like a local exploring the secrets of its own city…

Visit points:
Old Fortress-Entry
Boscetto (Durrells Garden)-Entry
The Palace of St. Michael & St. George
St. Spyridon Church – Entry
Town Hall
Jewish Quarter
New Fortress

Duration: 3 hrs (10:00-13:30) or (18:00-21:30)

Price per person: 105 euros
Running: every day

The price includes:

A guided tour of the old town of Corfu

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    10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


    10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


    10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


    10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


    10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


    10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30

    Duration: 3 hrs (10:00-13:30) or (18:00-21:30) Running: every day

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