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A perfect combination of Corfu’s History and unique cuisine by experiencing a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas in some of the city’s well hidden eating spots.

There is no doubt that the best way to get to know a city is through walking in its alleys, interacting with the locals and tasting its food… At this tour we offer you a unique chance; We take you on a trip through the exciting history of this town, unfolding its rich heritage while taking you off the ordinary and letting you stroll down the side streets to taste the city’s most famous foodie delights at some of the best shops, cafés and restaurants!

Our city was certainly made for walking…the city unfolds like a poem, one that you read block by block as you stroll narrow picturesque paths, colorful and charming alleys, admire the architecture, and observing the charming habits of the locals. We take you off the beaten paths and we’ll be wondering about myriad alleyways and discover unexpected squares with old walls and fountains while heading for famous and impressive monuments, getting to know their importance and significance in the course of time!

We’ll be making delicious tasting stops thus giving you a taste of Corfu’s dazzling multi-influenced culinary cuisine while introducing you to the local food artisans and traders -the people that master the secrets of Corfiot cuisine and trade the famous seasonings that make the traditional recipes so like-no-other! You’ll get to hear their stories and get to try or even buy if you wish some of the local products, especially wine! Each one of the food stops has been selected not only for its quality of food but also for the passion of its people and its significance in the local community.

Let yourself be drifted away in the Corfu’s pulse while enjoying an exciting walk through its landmarks and indulging in some of the city’s well-hidden eating spots! Expect to experience a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas that will offer you an unforgettable sensory experience!

Visit Points
Old Fortress
The Palace of St. Michael & St. George
Durrell’s Garden
St. Spyridon Church – Entry
Jewish Quarter
New Fortress

Food Stops
Spinach & Cheese Pies
Custard Pie & Greek yogurt with spoon sweet
Kum Quat liquor & Kum Quat Sweets
Caramelised almonds & Figpie
Noubulo & Cheese
Olive oil & Honey Tasting
Corfiot Meze & Ouzo & Wine

Duration: 3,5 hrs (10:00-13:30) – (18:00-21:30)

Price per person: 110 euros
Running: every day

The price includes:

A guided tour of the old town of Corfu
English speaking licensed guide
All food & drinks during the tour

Not Included:
Gratuities (optional)

Opening Hours


10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30


10:00-13:30 | 18:00-21:30

Duration: 3,5 hrs (10:00-13:30) – (18:00-21:30) Running: every day

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