Food and Cultural Excursion in the Old Town Kerkyra

The best way to discover a destination is through its food


Old Fortress Kerkyras


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In the culinary tradition we discover the cultural roots of a people, we see the influences of other cultures that have intertwined in the past, which have alternated in the various eras.
Meet an accredited guide at the Ancient Fortress of Corfu for a fascinating culinary and cultural journey through the UNESCO-listed historic center of Corfu Town.
See some of Corfu’s best cafes and restaurants in Spianada Square; stroll through the island’s former Jewish quarter; sample artisan products at local shops and talk to the owners about their cuisine.
Visit the UNESCO-listed historic center of Corfu with a guide in a group of up to eight people. Admire characteristic places such as the Old Fortress and the Sacred Church of San Spiridione. Taste the flavors of Corfu, meet local vendors and enjoy a full meal. Choice of morning or early evening departures to suit most times.


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