Discover North Corfu with Electric Fat Bike

Island by electric bike




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Go and discover Corfu with an electric bike and self-guided tour maps.
You can visit beautiful areas, beautiful nature and historical aspects at your own pace surrounded by nature in the northern part of the island.

Going around:
Old Perithia: One of the most unique places to visit on the island. A village of Venetian origin which was once a refuge from pirates, was almost deserted, reclaimed and protected by nature. Since 2010 it has come back to life with love and delicacy.

Temple of Apollo Roda: The place is a small temple dedicated to Apollo in Mon Repos park in Corfu. Mon Repos is a villa, now a museum, famous for being the birthplace of Prince Philip. Princess Sissi, the Empress of Austria, also stayed there before building her palace, the Achilleon. The villa is surrounded by uncultivated woods where numerous excavation works are underway. The gem comes at the end of the walk. The temple of Apollo, overlooking the sea whose glittering waves can be glimpsed through a wall of mature trees. It was once a lively place, a hive of activity, worship and industry. Now the remains of its twelve pillars lie scattered in the dust. 30 minutes • Free entrance ticket

Kassiopi Castle: Kassiopi (Greek: Κασσιόπη) is a fishing village on the affluent northeastern coast of Corfu, Greece. It is located in the municipality of Kassopaia. Historically a small traditional fishing village, its surroundings have been largely developed with luxury villas. Kassiopi remains a popular summer social centre, particularly popular with visitors from the UK and Italy. It has some nice restaurants and cafes. It is also possible to visit the old castle.


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