Spianada Square Corfu Town

Spianada Square Corfu Town


Spianada Square Corfu


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Spianada is the most representative square of Corfu town and is located between the Old Fortress and the Old Town. This is the second largest square in Europe, after Piazza San Marco in Venice in Italy.
Some recovered Ancient buildings are housed in several archaeological sites and archaeological museums in the city.
The city of Corfu truly resembles an Italian city, particularly the squares of Venice whose influence is glaring.
In the central square of the Spianada there is the “Liston” with its arcades hosts some of the most famous cafes and restaurants in Corfu, where the korfiot prefer to savor a good coffee while spending hours in relaxation.
It was the French who transformed the Spianada into a public square. Before the 19th century it was a large empty lot used for defensive purposes and in case of attack from the sea. Very likely to attend cricket matches that are played on the Esplanade, the only place in Greece where this sport is played, handed down by the English.

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